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Events 2016

Events 2016
Who for Website When Where
Buckminster cold war bunker April

Sun 10th

Grantham, Lincs

 NG33 5SD

Rufford Grand bazaar

organised through event plan



Sat 23rd

Sun 24th

Rufford Abbey

NG22 9DF

East Kirkby Aviation museum May

Sat 28th

Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre

PE23 4DE

Bruntingthorpe aviation

Cold war jets day May

Sun 29th

Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground

LE17 5QS

Armed Forces Day

Wollaton Hall June

Sat 25th

Sun 26th

Wollaton Park


The Emergency Services Heritage Show July

Sun 3rd

Newark Showground

NG24 2NY

Norfolk Tank Museum



Sat 13th

Sun 14th

Norfolk Tank Museum

NR16 1HZ

Poppy Appeal

The Royal British Legion

Newark Branch







Market Place

NG22 0LL

Poppy Appeal

The Royal British Legion

Newark Branch


Callsign Alpha were once again invited to assist at the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal in Newark Market Place. We were very grateful for the continuing support from local businesses who have allowed us to use their ‘facilities’ as well as Newark Market staff who made it all possible. This year we were joined by three members of the MVT who turned out in Jeeps and were a pleasure to talk with. Following three Saturdays of collecting, braving the less than ideal weather and consuming heroic amounts of sausage rolls, our total for 2016 was a very satisfying £1016.38! The public, from all sections of society, were very generous and we are again humbled by their commitment to Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, wherever and whenever they served.


Norfolk Tank Museum




Once again, Callsign Alpha had been invited to display at the Norfolk Tank Museum in South Norfolk. This is the furthest and longest deployment lasting five days and is in support of the main open weekend when the Main Battle tanks are brought out to play! We are given the use of a campsite which provides us with mains power for our Chef to prepare a large quantity of good and fresh food as well as a shower block, so it’s very comfortable. There is also an off road course and a site for testing pyrotechnics for use in the area shows.

The weather was kind to us this year and we took full advantage of the off road facilities as well as access to the museum. In addition to the armour which was much in evidence, there was a large selection of other vehicle types and on both days of the show, we were treated to flying displays by a P51 Mustang, a Boeing Stearman and a T6 Harvard all from the ‘Hardwick Warbirds’ who are located a short distance from the museum.


Armed Forces Day
Wollaton Hall


Wollaton Hall is our contribution to the National Armed Forces Day and our second longest deployment of the year. The team have acquired a new cam net and this was its first outing. Setting up was interesting as we were on a fairly steep hill but this was completed without too much fuss. Shortly after dinner, provided as usual by Chef du jour Nick, the rain, which had been on and off all day, set in with a vengeance. Following nocturnal visitors in the shape of Deer and Crows after the leftovers, the next day started bright but soon turned to intermittent rain. There was plenty of the public who came to say hello but there seemed to be very few service personnel, which was a disappointment.

The rain got steadily worse, so bad in fact that we had to ask two of our supporters not to bring their vehicles!

Apart from the weather, it was very enjoyable to see the team doing what we do best.


Rufford Grand Bazaar

Organised through event plan


Event Plan UK were as usual organising an event on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council at Rufford Abbey and Country Park. We had been asked again if we would like to attend this event as it was a multi period weekend of displays sales and Living History groups who were attending. This time we were to display in the main turning circle in front of the Abbey.

We set off in convoy from Mansfield on Saturday the 23rd of April 2016 with two landrovers.  

The kit all laid out and everyone ready the public and other re-enactors soon came round and were admiring  our various displays but including the resplendent landrovers.  

So the day went by really well.  

The vehicles on our display really looked the business and the response from other living history groups and just as important the public was fantastic. 

 The Sunday was slightly different as we had Chris with as helping on the display.  The Sunday and final day went really well and it was also noticeable   the weight of the Royal British Legion donation bucket which we had out over the two days.

Once again a very successful event with maximum effort from Rich, Tim and Chris who contributed and attended the event. The quality of our group display was clearly reflected in the comments we received and we have been invited back for 2017 which speaks volume for our professionalism and manner in which we display.

Thank you all who made the effort to attend. Especially all at Event Plan and all the staff at Rufford Abbey Nottinghamshire.


Buckminster cold war bunker

The Buckminster ‘Britain on the brink’ was our first show of the year and the first show organised by a very capable and enthusiastic Jed Jaggard. He has been instrumental in restoring the Royal Observer corps post nearby and the show was very much Cold War.

We had been asked to attend with the full display and were delighted to support this new venture.

After a chilly start (-3) the sun came out while we were setting up and made for a pleasant morning.

We were joined by Clive’s Series 3 which was a nice addition to the line-up as well as Richards’s newly painted and hard topped Land rover 110.

Following Clive’s mid-day disappearance, it was necessary and proportionate to flush him out with a smoke grenade that was found loitering nearby! While the footfall was low, it was nice to hook up after what seems like 5 months (mainly because it was) and it forced us to locate kit that had been ‘carefully put away’ after the end of last season!

At the end of the show, we were invited to view the ROC post which was a first for most of us, it would have been bleak indeed to have had to spend the last few moments of your existence in such a place. Thankfully, it was never needed and is now just a historical curiosity as well as a memorial to the Royal Observer Corps.

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