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Events 2017

Events 2017
Who for Website When Where
East Kirkby Aviation museum May


Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre

PE23 4DE

Bruntingthorpe aviation

Cold war jets day May


Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground

LE17 5QS

Armed forces day June


Market Place,
PE13 1DP
Armed forces day June


21 Market Place,
Market Place,
NG24 1EA
Anglia Motel show

Military & Vintage Rally July

1st & 2nd

A17 Wasway Road

Fleet Hargate

PE12 8LT

Norfolk Tank Museum





Norfolk Tank Museum

NR16 1HZ

Poppy Appeal

The Royal British Legion

Newark Branch










Market Place

NG22 0LL


Norfolk Tank Museum






This show is the longest one we do, normally being on site for 4 days. The other advantage is that we are allowed pretty much free reign for most of that time.

The fact that our secretary is also the museum armourer has nothing to do with this…… It’s the only venue that allows us to use pyrotechnics, run our vehicles on the off road course and interact with other exhibitors and vehicles. The pictures speak for themselves!


Anglia Motel show
Military & Vintage Rally


This was a new one for us and was supposed to be a two day show. We had stopped at this venue many times in the past for sustenance on our travels. The owner is a big supporter of the Armed Forces in general and the Royal Anglians in particular so naturally we were keen to support this.
Following a decent drive up, we deployed an abbreviated display of weapons and kit (there wasn’t room for the cam net) and sat back to await the arrival of the crowds that we had seen the previous year. And waited. And waited.

It seemed that the large number of people that we had seen before had decided to go to Cleethorpes AFD instead! After a day of almost zero visitors, we decided to cut our losses and pack up. It was very disappointing as the site is perfect and the staff were very welcoming.

Armed forces day

Newark market place



As the show at Wollerton Hall has not been run this year, we were requested to appear at Newark market place for their AFD event.

Our professionalism has spread! While there were some issues with the layout, these were fairly quickly sorted out and we had a successful day with many members of the public coming up for a chat.

There has been some feedback for next year to the council so hopefully some of the empty stalls can be moved.


Armed forces day

Market Place, Wisbech,



This was a new one for the group (although some of us have attended with other groups before) and supports the Wisbech Armed Forces Day.

This year the focus was on the Royal Navy. Unfortunately, there were no support from them except for a dozen sea cadets…. In any case, we managed to fill half the square with our vehicles and made friends with the proprietors of the Ice Cream Van and Costa!

It was good to be able to put on a ‘show of force’, next year is the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force, in traditionally an air force county.





Bruntingthorpe aviation

Cold war jets day



Another favourite is the Cold War Jets at Bruntingthorpe. We were fortunate that we were able to park together. While there are the aircraft, the site is also used for the storage of aircraft which is also interesting. The ability so stand close to aircraft as they fast taxi makes this a unique experience. This year, with friends in low places, we were allowed to ‘utilise’ the runway after the aircraft had finished and this was the perfect end to the show!


East Kirkby Aviation museum




This was the first show of the year as a group and is a favourite as we can get close to an actual Avro Lancaster bomber ground running as well as seeing M36 tanks firing.

It’s a well-run show and as we get fed, it’s popular with us! We also managed to get one of the best pictures of the vehicles in convoy that we have ever seen.

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