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Events 2018

Events 2018
Who for Website When Where
Muckleburgh Military Collection 12th - 15th April Weybourne Camp A149 The Street Weybourne, Holt NR25 7EH
Event Plan Multi Period Thoresby Hall 19th-20th May Thoresby Park, Ollerton

 NG22 9WH

East Kirkby

Lanc, Tank and Military Machines 26th May Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre,
East Kirkby Airfield,
East Kirkby,
Nr Splisby,
PE23 4DE
Armed forces day

Wisbech market place


Newark market place 24th June Wisbech Market place Wisbech PE13 1DP

Newark Market place Bridge St, Newark NG24 1EE


Norfolk Tank Museum 11th - 12th August Norfolk Tank Museum
Norwich, Norfolk NR16 1HZ
Newark Branch British Legion

Collecting for Poppy Appeal Saturday 27th October

Saturday 3rd November

Saturday 10th November

Market Place

NG22 0LL



Newark Branch British Legion

Collecting for Poppy Appeal



Callsign Alpha were once again invited to assist at the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal in Newark Market Place. We were very grateful for the continuing support from local businesses who have allowed us to use their ‘facilities’ as well as Newark Market staff who made it all possible.

Following three Saturdays of collecting, braving the less than ideal weather and consuming heroic amounts of sausage rolls, our total for 2018 was a very satisfying £1,202.72! The public, from all sections of society, were very generous and we are again humbled by their commitment to Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, wherever and whenever they served.


Norfolk Tank Museum



This is our ‘summer holiday’ type show as it’s the longest one we do. We have the run of the site and the opportunity to test our ‘louder’ equipment!

We had a large footfall, there had been a lot of advertising and the Guy Martin WW1 tank that the museum had built was present and running along with numerous other vehicles running around.

It was scorching hot so it was like being abroad, there was plenty to see and it was nice to be busy during the day.


Armed forces day

Wisbech market place


Newark market place



This year, there was an issue with one event changing its date so that we had two events on the same day. To solve this issue, we split our forces, the Eastern wing went to Wisbech and the Northern wing, Newark.

We tend to get a good reception at Wisbech, they look after us well and this year was no exception. We were lucky with the weather and we sited near an ice cream van whose profits must surly have paid for their retirement villa!!

Lots of people came to see the display and some of the group that haven’t been able to display for a while were able to attend which was very welcome.

Newark, for some reason, combined the AFD with a ‘craft fair’ which didn’t leave a lot of room for us. There were a number of old faces at Newark who were nice to see again, quite often we only get to see them twice a years, both at the AFD and the Poppy Collections. They tend to be either ex-forces or the kin of ex-forces who want to talk about their forebears or share some banter all of which keeps us going!


East Kirkby

Lanc, Tank and Military Machines



This is always a good show for us, we are made welcome by the Pantons and it’s always good to see NX611 do her thing!

We attended with a reduced team and enjoyed the summer sunshine as well as the sights and sounds of tanks firing and mock battles. It was a great opportunity to catch up as well, being spread out over the country, it’s not often that we get to chin wag!

Event Plan Multi Period Thoresby Hall


For a number of reasons, mostly administrative, we did not attend this event.


Muckleburgh Military Collection



This was our first show, much earlier in the season than normal so that it coincided with the 30th anniversary of the collections founding. It had rained for several days prior to setting up so we were wary of putting the huge cam net up, it’s no fun to pack away wet! It was very cold and misty which possibly was the reason for a fairly low footfall. We met some very interesting people and really, that’s why we do it.

There were many other groups present and the collection is always worth a visit so it was a very interesting time. I think that we gave a good account of ourselves and may consider doing this again next year if they run another event.

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