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About us

This is just a short narrative to give a small insight into who Callsign Alpha are and the way we have put together our team to display what we can professionally and successfully to interested members of the public and fellow military enthusiasts alike.

From the early start point, two of the members had ex-military series 3 land rovers and decided to make a conscious effort to show them more.

Several shows came and went with the displays getting of which the fun, laughs and appreciation from old and young generations was greatly received.

Callsign Alpha  was to provide support to our local shows and causes within Nottinghamshire.

The group is totally self-funding so all the display kit, personal uniform and vehicles are the responsibility of each member. And any donations are very gratefully received.

As not all the members live within Mansfield in Nottinghamshire the meeting took place and still included the distant members by using Skype.

We now have a mixed array of ex-military vehicles and a good array of personal kit and equipment including both British and Soviet weapons.

We are fully insured for both vehicles and Public Liability Insurance through Footman James which is a vital and mandatory requisite to attend formal public events.

We also fully comply with the legal requirements of the :-

The Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006

If you have service experience or not but have a genuine interest in military re –enactment between the period 1980 to 1995 have a military vehicle or not please get in touch.


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